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What Happens Next by Collen Clayton
(Updated: October 10, 2012)
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First I’d like to start by saying I want Cory to be my boyfriend ( that’s not weird…right?) aaand moving on. I really liked this book. I think Sid is such a strong character. The way she handled the trauma may not have been the right way but she was still really strong considering she was doing it on her own. It was heartbreaking reading about her thoughts on her body but that’s what made the book so real. I also loved that when she becomes friends with someone out of her clique she’s not ashamed by Cory. I really thought that was a plot device the author was going to use and was relived when it wasn’t.

Now lets talk about Cory Livingston (insert sigh here). Cory. Cory. Cory. He was such a sweet character. Sid wasn’t always so nice to him (ahem she slaps him) but he was so patient with her. He has his own stuff going on at home which I would of liked the author to expand on a bit because all we got was a short explanation towards the end. I think my favorite part is when Cory tells her how beautiful she is. I’ll admit there may have been a few tears (okay a lot) when I read this part. He’s just so great to her and it was nice to read.

My only problem with the book was the ending. I wish I would of gotten more answers. After watching Sid struggle with the truth of her trauma and eating disorder I wanted to know if any of these were resolved. Other than that I think this book was fantastic. I would recommend this book to readers who liked If I Stay, Wintergirls, and Cracked Up To Be.
Good Points
I loved the characters. The flow of the story especially how it spans over a couple of months.
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