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Missed 5 stars by a teensy weesy bit!!!
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I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT I PUT THIS BOOK ON HOLD FOR SOOO LONG!Curse you review copies and schoolwork!:@This book deserves to be worshipped!I mean,a YA novel involving a girl of a mafia family?Now that's total awesomeness!Helloooo authors!Those who are too busy writing vampire novels!You do realize that it's time for a change,right?Instead of looking upon Stephanie Meyer as your role model,look upon Gabrielle Zevin instead!Miss Zevin,may I ask how you were able to come up with such a fascinating plot?I'm speechless!Though I would like to see a bit more action in the second book.It's about a mafia godfather's daughter,for god's sake!It's supposed to be all badass and everything!
But anyways,awesome book!!!Those who have kept this waiting are either really unfortunate or just plain stupid.This book is definitely worth your time!
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