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Green Heart
Two Novels: Green Angel and Green Witch by Alice Hoffman

I received this book as a winning in a Goodreads give-away. It really caught my attention, so I took the chance and entered my name. This is the first book I have ever won!

This is why I read it: The synopsis drew me in right away; a struggling fifteen-year-old girl left on her own after her family dies in a terrible disaster. She retreats into the ruined realm of her garden. She searches for the truth about love, hope and magic.

Right there…”magic” that is what caught my eye.

This is how I read it: Each and every moment I could find in these past few busy weeks, I grabbed the book, claimed my favorite corner of the couch and read. Most could probably devour this book in one sitting. I am not a fast reader, but believe me, it is worthy of a one-sit read.

This is how it made me feel: Alice Hoffman brought out a lot of feelings for me as the reader. Without giving away anything, I can tell you I felt fear, anger and a great deal of hope and renewal. I guess what I was feeling was exactly what Green found and was searching for after losing her family.

The fantastical parts of the story may not ever come to be, however I was thoroughly entertained. I found myself equating the “terrible day” to terrorism, and other acts of war. This made me search my thoughts on what I think I may be capable of should such a terrible day affect me. I wonder…would I be brave, thoughtful, and as resourceful as Green. Would I give up and go to the forgetting shack? Would I give in and join the Horde? Am I even educated enough to be prepared? Am I a product of a “consumer driven” society that is far removed from “creating” and therefore would not succeed as Green had? I know I am not ready to find this out just yet, but…I am ready to read more by Alice Hoffman. She brought the characters to life allowing me to visualize so many details. Her story telling is unique and fun.

This is what I recommend: If you like a mix of everything; adventure, romance, a little sci-fi futuristic fantasy, with some life lessons, then I recommend Green Heart.
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