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4.4 14
Young Adult Fiction 3218
humour and teenage love
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Twisted By Laurie Halse Anderson is told in Tyler’s point of view. Tyler’s thoughts and emotions were funny at times while still intense at some parts. Most of the characters were easy to like and enjoy because of their humour and awkwardness. The idea for this story is good, I liked the challenges Tyler had to faced but I wish he was more depressed and talked about his feelings more than he did.
Good Points
The chapters were really short and easy to read. Like I said before, I loved Tyler’s humour because he was so funny not only with the stuff that he said but also his thoughts. The thoughts that were going through his mind when he was near Bethany or Chip. My favourite part wasn’t the ending, but somewhere near it when Tyler finally snapped at someone. It’s my favourite part because he knew he couldn’t do what he wanted so he had to take his anger out on something instead of someone.

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