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Young Adult Fiction 2028
Love, loss, and loads of sunshine
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This book made me a little teary-eyed. Hannah Moskowitz took an unoriginal idea and made it original by adding not two summers but four summers in. This story had a great supporting secondary characters that shone in their own little light. The relationship between all the kids in the family is so strong that at one point, I thought they could survive anything that hit them as long as they stayed together. But I didn’t like the relationship between Chase and Melinda because it was so typical.
Good Points
In this book, my favourite character had to be Gideon. Not only because he’s such a sweetie but also because he is just so different than everyone else. My favourite summer was the seventeenth summer because so much happened and there were so many surprises and twist. I also liked it the best because Melinda gets blamed for everything (mwahahaha). I think Hannah Moskowitz did a great job writing Melinda because she was supposed to be a bitch and that was how I saw her. She was cruel, manipulative, and just a complete bitch who took control of a situation just because she knew she could. Like I said before, I loved the relationship between the family because they struggled quite a bit but the children still stayed together. I especially liked the relationship between Chase and Noah because they could tell each other anything and still understand and trust each other no matter what. I loved how there was sign language included in this story. Sign language is just fucking awesome.
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