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Renting your body out to old people...
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Starters come as a massive surprise. It was so much better than I expected, by a long-run. This book is a different kind of dystopian, not a perfect world, but not a completely destroyed one. This world that Callie lives in is in between, old people rule and young kids are frowned upon and are considered a type of pest.

I hated the old people (or Enders), they disgusted me, how could they think that young people had no rights and were basically not real people!? Why would the Enders think that they are the boss, and since they are old, should realize that the world was not always like this. The Enders are seriously messed up, the war must of done something to their heads. I really hated the Enders.

Now the renting. I thought that this was an amazing idea. Trusting some crazy old person who is inside you and controls your actions is pretty scary. It makes you see how desperate some people get. You would also think that the renters would have some respect for the child's body they are occupying, but they hurt them, sometimes nearly killing them, thinking that it is a toy that they can replace. But these are real humans. This concept helps you see how precious human life is, and that living forever is not the key.

I think that Callie was a strong and respectable character who had been sadly hurt by the war that happened a few years back. She is alone in the world except for her brother, and she fights to help him survive. I think that the relationship between Callie and her brother was perfect. She was not obsessing over protecting him, but most of her actions were taken with thought about the outcome for her brother. I liked Callie, she was a great character.

I think that Starters was a great book. It has everything that you'll ever want in a dystopian. There is a mystery surrounding the plot (the Old Man), action with how Callie avoids him and a little bit of romance with Blake. This book is perfect.
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-I loved the whole concept, it was an amazing idea
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