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Since Nevermore first came out, I have seen tons and tons of reviews doting all over this book. I ignored it and found other great books, and some not so great, to read. I kept putting off buying it, because it just seemed like every other book with the similar plot that surrounds Nevermore.
Boy, was I wrong.

Sure, without the paranormal aspect, Nevermore is almost exactly like Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles. (And as I’m sitting here now, I can’t decide who I like better. Varen or Alex. It’s a tie.)

But it is the writing that flies off the pages of Nevermore and haunts my dreams. I seriously dreamt about this book. At night, asleep in my bed, I dreamed of running through the colorful rooms of Varen’s mind. And also, while I was driving a time or two, I daydreamed about getting home and finishing this book! That’s a very dangerous thing to do! I blame the intensity of this book. (The awesomely, sexy intensity that is Varen Nethers and his insane notebook.)

It is beautifully written and exquisitely thought through. Like seriously, this story is awesome. POE! Oh, Edgar. You’re one twistedly awesome dude. Your name being anywhere near this book is the one reason I eventually picked it up.

But Isobel.
And Varen.
And Gwen.
And uh, did I mention Varen?
They absolutely make this book 100% worth reading. Gwen had me laughing out loud half of the time, and Varen had me swooning the other half.

So, I am now kicking myself for not picking this up sooner. And also, praying that Enshadowed goes on clearance soon so I can get it! (Cause I'm cheap.)
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