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If a book can command my attention in the first few pages, then it has my heart. To be completely immersed in a story from the very beginning is truly a treat. As soon as I opened Wither, met Rhine and found out what had befallen her, there was no turning back. I read this book with a ravenous appetite, pausing only briefly to jot notes about what I wanted to share with you. Yes, that is how amazing this book is.

Rhine became my hero from the first moment that I met her. Her character is so brave in the face of danger, in the face of adversity. Even when she wasn't sure that she would ever be able to find her brother again she was hopeful. I loved how she simply refused to roll over and accept her fate. I am truly a fan of strong female characters, and Rhine fits that description more than anyone. Her story is heartbreaking, but she is able to stay her same vivid self throughout the entire ordeal. I was enraptured.

The world that Lauren DeStefano builds for the reader is truly beautiful and terrible at the same time. As I mentioned above, the reader is instantly immersed in the world of these characters. It is fascinating to watch these characters as they move through the story. Rhine and her sister wives are young women, and yet they are thrown into the lives of much older women. Watching their plight was so difficult, but I could see the glimmer of hope underneath. Their story pulled me in and kept me captivated the entire time. Add in some exquisite writing, and you have a book that I truly fell in love with.

Since this book is not due out for a while, I won't write anything that might spoil the journey for you. I will say though that the ending to this book was simply perfect to me. After reading so many books lately whose endings were disappointing, reading Wither was truly a treat from cover to cover.
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