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(Updated: September 20, 2012)
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What impressed me most about Fracture, right off the bat, was the attention to detail. The way that Megan Miranda portrays Delaney's struggle to fit back into her old existence is done beautifully. I didn't expect Delaney to be able to just merrily skip back into her own life, and I was happy to see that wasn't the case. She is hurting, she is lost, and she feels the difference in the way people treat her now that she is a "miracle". For Delaney, it isn't just the unknown of the ability that she's been given. It's much more than that. All she wants is normalcy. The life that she once had. In Delaney's case, she now knows that ignorance is in fact bliss.

The story takes off at a speedy pace from the time Delaney awakens, and the reader is treated to some very interesting character interactions. Delaney has to put her life back together with Decker, her best friend. She has to figure out how to fit back into her life with her parents who treat her like something breakable. Worse yet, this new ability has attracted a dark and sinister boy named Troy. Watching her navigate the twists and turns that this new lifestyle throws at her made Fracture a lot of fun to read. Questions about euthanasia, and life choices also show up here and really make you think.

As much as I loved the writing though, what fell short for me was Delaney's character. I didn't love her, or hate her, but rather felt kind of blandly about her whole persona. There were times in the story where she was extremely over dramatic. Then others where it almost felt like she was bordering on manic. Let's be honest, Delaney has been through one hell of an experience. I can give her a lot of wiggle room mentally for that. Even still, her personality bordered on whiny and hypocritical a lot, which was tough for me to read. I loved her story, I just didn't particularly love her.

I can honestly say that, as a whole, Fracture is a very well written and intriguing story. I know without a doubt that there are tons of readers out there who will wholeheartedly love Delaney's character, and that is why I still 100% recommend this book! I am but one reader in a sea of many. If you read Fracture for no other reason, read it for the fact that it blends two very different story types into one amazing book. Delaney's story isn't the happiest one, but it is well worth your time.
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