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From the moment I saw Firelight on a Waiting on Wednesday post, I knew I had to read it. The cover caught my eye, the synopsis intrigued me, and Sophie Jordan is truly one of the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure to meet on Twitter! All of this contributed me jumping onto an ARC tour as fast as I possibly could. Wait until September to read this? Pshaw. As if I really could.

As I opened the book and dove into Jacinda's world, the world of the Draki, I found myself becoming increasingly enamored with both her and the abilities she possessed. Jacinda had a fiery attitude to match her special talent, and I loved her spunk! Her disgust with the situation being forced upon her, her utter rebelliousness, I just drank it in page after page. What struck me most was her absolute love for her mother and her sister. Jacinda was willing to give up so much to make her family content. If only we could all aspire to be as loving as she was.

To be honest though, my one gripe with Jacinda was her inability to do what she wanted to do. I understood how much she loved her family, and why she chose not to put them at risk. However as the book progressed I began to get angry at how much she would complain and yet not follow through with her plans. It didn't seem to match the fiery attitude that boiled within her. It bothered me for a long time, but then I was saved. I'll be honest without spoilers, the ending did change my mind! Thus why this was a fleeting issue and Jacinda and I are once again on the same page. Rock on girlfriend!

The chemistry that was present between Jacinda and Will reminded me a lot of Grace and Sam in Shiver and that really struck a cord with me. It was the type of attraction that although it is very sudden, is strong enough that it doesn't really need to be explained. The characters mesh together so well once they find one another that you never have to question why they are destined for love. Although the reader doesn't really get a deep look into Will's past, it is enough that he is there for Jacinda when she needs him. There without judging. I can only hope that more of Will's mysterious nature will be revealed in the next book!

Firelight was such a quick paced and expertly written book that I powered through it in a matter of hours. It was the type of book that when I came to the end I was saddened. No more story? I had to remind myself that there will be another one soon and I can once again jump on board with Jacinda and her unlikely match. I'm already so excited for the next book! Thank you, Sophie Jordan, for making me fall in love with dragons all over again.
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