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The Nine are rising!!
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What I expected when I opened this book that it will be written mainly in Six's view, but it wasn't. I have no idea why the blurb says that this book is about number Six, because it contains all of the numbers except for Five, and is written in three points of view.

I had to flick back a few times when the POVs changed rapidly without warning, and it took a few re-readings to actually figure out who was actually talking. Near the end, when they were all together, and the POV changed so fast that it was impossible to keep up with the characters. So I didn't, by the end, I didn't really care who was talking as long as I found out what happened in the end. I think that the least that the author could of done is change the font with each character swapping.

I found it really funny how the author names a lot of things after himself. When I read the first book, I thought the author was trying to make himself look awesome, but as the chapters wore on and I discovered that the greatest Elder was called Pittacus Lore. Maybe Pittacus Lore is trying to make it look like the dead Elder is writing about the next Elders, and recounting their stories. I dunno, maybe, maybe not....

The Rise of Nine has fun new characters, like number Eight and Nine, who both have crazy personalties to mix in with the more glum characters.

I reckon that this book is just as great as the other books before it, and is totally worth reading. It is fun and full of action as well as those emotional character times that everyone just loves. Jam-packed with new Legacies, more members of the Garde, and tonnes of explosions. This book is just pure awesome!
Good Points
-The uniting of the Garde (except for five, where are you five?!)
-The awesome new legacies unknown to us until now
-Basically the majority of the entire book!!
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