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Chopsticks (A Room with Books review)
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Chopsticks is a unique experience that’s definitely worth checking into. It’s not your usual book you’ll have to commit anywhere from several hours to a days to. You can make it last, sure, but you’ll still be able to finish Chopsticks within a couple hours.

I call Chopsticks an experience because it’s unlike any other book I’ve ever encountered. It’s made up of pictures, IM conversations, videos, and music. Of course, there are words mixed in as well, but it’s nothing like normal book format.

I loved the fact that there are playlists in here. They even introduced me to some new music :] I also really enjoyed the fact that there are Youtube URLS and when you follow them they actually take you to the videos they talk about in the story.

I thought it would be really hard to connect with any of the characters since the format is so different. Admittedly, I didn’t connect in the same way that I likely would have from traditional format, but I still really cared about Glory and her relationship with Frank. When she asks him to send her a piece of him and one of his shirts showed up in the mail, I about had a heart explosion from the sweetness!

The Nutshell: If you’re looking for something new to try then Chopsticks is definitely for you. It conveys a touching story through pictures, words, music, and video. And if you’re nervous to read it, just pick up a copy and give it 5 minutes. I guarantee you’ll be hooked!

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