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Way better than Pretties
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I must say that I enjoyed Specials quite a lot, much more than I did with Pretties. In Pretties, I thought Tally was too weak and a bit stupid, and that her relationship with Zane, but not David was kinda upsetting. But in Specials Tally has become literally super human, and can actually do things for herself. She has a cruel beauty that sets everyone on edge, and a superiority that might not just be in her head.

I think that although this book annoyed me with the characters not being able to think on their own free will, it truly made the entire thing better. If Scott Westerfled didn't use the bluntness of the characters names, then this book would of never of been that great. But he did, and this changed the course of this amazing book.

I think that this book has it all, the evil, the so called 'good', the super humans, jealousy, love (although it may not be that strong) and hover boards. Scott Westerfeld has worked magic into this book and it has come truly alive. But I am not happy with some of the ending, the part when Tally decides to stay special, it would of been cool if she become an Ugly once again.

Specials and the other books in the Uglies series is just awesome. I love the way that Scott Westerfeld has written these amazing books, and every single word will blow you away . I've borrowed Extras and just about to read it, and although it is about different characters, I know it will be just as good.
Good Points
-The ignorance of the characters annoy you, it works in the books favour
-I love the hover boards, it would be so cool!!
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