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Not as Enticing as I'd hoped.
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While this isn't my favorite series to read, I do like that it shows there are consequences to the choices we make. Violet is struggling with her guilt and attempting damage control with her Grigori partner Lincoln (Linc) when we meet up with her in Entice. She loves Linc and has for a long time now but regardless of her feelings for the green-eyed half angel, she'll have to figure out a way to work with him as they continue to battle the exiles in an effort to protect humankind. Violet isn't the only one with secrets though. It seems Linc is keeping a few of his own and the fact that Magda might play a role somehow certainly doesn't help things.

I've always been Team Linc and while he allows himself to get distracted in this book, his intentions are always in the right place. It's obvious he loves Violet as most of his decisions are made with her safety and protection in mind. (How can you NOT love a guy like that?! Never mind that he's gorgeous too.) My frustration was with the back and forth of does he or doesn't he? Will they or won't they?

Violet can be impulsive and stubborn and while wanting to see the good in everybody isn't a bad thing, you would think a half angel would come equipped with a little more discernment. She doesn't which is why she tends to make a lot of mistakes. One of those involves Phoenix, the tall, dark and dangerous guy she thought was her friend. Phoenix is the ultimate exile and he's already proven just how powerful his influence over Violet can be. I didn't like Phoenix in Embrace and I don't like him now. (This is surprising because I'm usually a sucker for the would-be bad guy.) Something about his character makes me not trust him as far as I could throw him.

We meet new Grigori who add humor and interest to the story and they bring information that could help Violet long term. As far as second books go, this one was just "OK" for me. Yes, secrets are revealed and yes, one is that there's a traitor among the group but the "who" lacked the "OhEmGee!" factor I like to see. I've no doubt that readers will enjoy this next installment in the Embrace series and will be eager to see how it all works out with Violet, Linc and Phoenix.
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