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No romance, awesome hero!!!
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Every Other Day is about Kali. She is a normal teenage girl on some days, but something else on every other day. She is a hunter, lethal to the teeth with weapons and powers. She is the hunter who hunts the hunters. The deadly, the endangered and the poisonous. But then she spots a deadly marking on one of her fellow students, something she can do about on every other day, but its the wrong day.

I must say I was confused about how everyone knew about the monsters like the zombies and the marking on Bethany. I understand about how Bethany knows because her father works for the company that deals with this sort of thing, but how did Skylar and her brothers know about the monsters? Skyar's brothers knew a lot about the creatures that run around the streets, and I was confused on how that was so. Also, did the rest of the world know about the creatures? This issue was never really solved through the book.

I must say this was a good book because it contained no obsessive romance between the main characters. Kali only exchanged a tiny kiss with this one guy who then disappeared for eighteen months. Most paranormal books ALWAYS have romance, that sometimes go a bit to far, because the characters are still very young, like the Mortal Instruments and such.

I recommend Every Other Day to anyone who loves a good female hero who doesn't heavily rely on their male counterpart. This book is for readers who want a break from paranormal romance but still want the paranormal theme inside there still.
Good Points
-No romance
-Got the plot bang in the centre
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