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Young Adult Fiction 5055
Does Immortality Answer All Life's Problems?
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Origin brings the reader into the world of Little Cam with ease and a flawless description. The plot is original, filled with action and romance. It builds suspense as readers delve deeper into the Amazon with the heroine, Pia. Pia, is immortal, and at 17 has the world on her shoulders. She knows something important depends on her and her alone, yet she is protected from the outside world by the scientists in Little Cam.

The book questions the power and importance of immortality as Pia and Eio search for the truth behind Pia's origin. Khoury balances the intrigue and romance perfectly. One does not outshine the other, making this a book that could appeal to both male and female readers.

Origin will keep any reader hooked. Definitely a must a must read for the fall. Great for both younger readers and adults!
Good Points
Well developed world of Little Cam
Believable Characters
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June 20, 2013
I've seen so many mixed reviews for this one, but I'm determined to read it anyway. Glad to see a good review :]
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