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Young Adult Fiction 2091
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What I Loved:

The world building in this book is simply flawless. From the evolved language to the setting to the customs of a society 400 years in the future, every single second felt absolutely believable to me. I really appreciated that the author put so much thought into her world. It was also fun to see the people in the future fail to understand all the strange slang and idioms we use freely now. The dystopian-ness of the setting also felt natural and authentic, and though we get just a hint of what's outside the city's walls, I hope future books explore that further!

I also enjoyed the plot. There were lulls here and there, but overall, this book kept me thoroughly interested and moved along at a pretty fast pace. There are secrets, misunderstandings, danger, betrayal, and sacrifice--pretty awesome ingredients for a compelling plot.

What Left Me Wanting More:

The romance just didn't do it for me until the very end of the book. It felt super rushed, very uneven, and I just didn't feel that insta-love connection the characters seemed to feel. I also felt that the information about secrets and background and clues was delivered unevenly. Sometimes a bombshell would be rushed and sort of glossed over, and sometimes it felt like we were treading endlessly in the "I can't tell you anything so just trust me even though we just met" cycle, and that got a bit tedious at times.


Erasing Time is a compelling story set in a fascinating future world. Readers who love adventure over romance, or who don't mind waiting a long time for pieces to fall into place, will really enjoy this. I know I'm looking forward to reading the sequel!
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