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Wow. I was not expecting what I just read, but it happened. It felt like the first time I read Divergent, although I must admit I still like Divergent more. Partials however, was totally unique, and it may not even be fair to compare it to anything else.
The idea of the novel didn’t seem that new to me. Robots basically took over the planet and now the remaining humans are struggling to regenerate the human race. Partials was so much more complicated though! It had so many twists and turns I never expected. First, I liked how long the book was. I still teared through the pages, but it was longer than most teen fiction books out there, and I enjoyed getting very in-depth within certain parts of the story. I must admit some parts were too “sciency” for me, but for people who really like science fiction, this would be a good novel to read.
I really loved the main character. She was simple and easy to predict, but that was what made her such a good character. The most important thing to her was saving lives, and she never wavered from her goals, which was invigorating. If her actions were predictable however, the plot made up for that in how unpredictable it was. The story kept changing, which made it hard to keep up at points, but at the same time made the story that much more believable and realistic. I felt like I was there at points throughout the book, which is a great accomplishment for the author, Dan Wells.
I would definitely recommend this read.
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