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During the Isolation War humans made Partials to help them out.
The Partials look exactly like humans except they're faster, stronger, and not human at all.
But after winning the war the Partials rebel, unleashing a virus called RM onto the humans. Only a few who are immune survive the RM but it doesn't end there.

11 years after the RM was unleashed the few survivors are all banded together but things aren't going so well.
Every baby born dies within days, even hours, after birth because of RM.

Kira, a 16 year old medic, is sick of watching babies die and wants to find a cure for RM. But of course people have tried almost everything to find the cure and ended up with nothing.
There's one thing that they didn't try though...
a Partial.

What if the only way to save the human race is with our greatest enemy?
And what if everything we thought we knew was a lie?


This was a very interesting book and completely original.
If I thought it was so interesting, why did I only give it 3 stars?

This book had a lot going for it but it took forever to get to the point. It actually took me around 5 days to read this. 5 DAYS!! To most people that's not a big deal but I usually read a book a day so...
this was a problem.
Another thing is the fact that this book was very scientific and i'm not a science person. So a lot of the time I was falling asleep with the book in my lap.
No worries though! The book gets much more entertaining as it goes on!
By the end of the book I actually debated whether to give this book 3 or 4 stars. If it wasn't for the whole boring era it would've gotten 4 stars! But alas, it was not meant to be.
So I do recommend this to any folks that wish to read this and I will be looking out for the second book.
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