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Young Adult Fiction 2091
Erasing Time
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You know how when a book is good, like really good, you completely stop the rest of your life for it?
Like instead of grocery shopping or looking for a job, you just sit on the swing outside and read. And the weather is wonderful and you could be relaxing in the pool, but you’d rather sit beside the pool and dive into a book like your life depends on it.
Yeah, this is totally that book.
I completely forgot the environment around me and was thrown into Erasing Time. It took some time to get the feel for the book. Third person POV always distracts me! Ugh, I don’t know what my problem with it is, but I don’t enjoy reading it.
However, once the action and adventure started, I was hooked. Line and sinker.
There are constant twists and happenings. Once I would decide that this was that, I was immediately proved wrong.
Surprises. Everywhere.
Shocking surprises that made me grin, laugh, and cry all at the same time!

So yeah, this turned out to be way better than I expected. Great character development, great sci-fi adventures. Dystopian is becoming my new favorite craving.
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