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a stunning world that you have to read about!!
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his next review is a book by a woman who not only pays attention to detail by being a makeup artist in hollywood, but also pays attention to detail in her debut novel, Shadow & Bone by Leigh Bardugo. the story is about Alina Starkov, a gifted girl who apparently has powers she didn't know she even had. powers that could save her war-ravaged country free. the regiment that Alina is in gets attacked and her best friend, Mal, is brutally injured..Alina's powers are shown for the first time. i'm not going to go into detail because i don't want to give anything away as i want you to enjoy this book as much as i did. but i will tell you this much....when Alina's power is shown she is whisked away from everything she has ever known and taken to the "Little Palace" where she is to be trained as a member of the 'Grisha' the magical elite led by the mysterious and dangerous Darkling. this book was a great book to read. i enjoyed how the author wrote details so beautifully. sometimes i think authors write details so much and i'm like "oh my god come on already! lets get one with the story!" NOT WITH THIS ONE!! this was beautiful and flowing but at the same time w/ the war theme it was dramatic and sad, all your emotions are played in this story, and the ending....well....all i can say is....READ IT!!!
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