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Skyship Academy didn’t really do it for me until the very end. The ending did redeem it for me, though and make me excited for book two.

I found it difficult to connect with any of the characters I didn’t really dislike anyone (though I wasn’t a fan of Cassius), but I didn’t really care for anyone all that much either. Fisher was okay, but to be quite honest, he was kind of a whiner sometimes. At least towards the end he started to be willing to fight for himself a little more.

I actually did really like the world. It was interesting to see a dystopian world where there was such a dividing line between two sides. There’s usually just one unified government or system but here we have Skyshippers and surface dwellers (of which there are two kinds: Chosen city dwellers and Fringe dwellers).

Skyship Academy was a lot of military-type fighting and war talk so if you like that, then you’ll probably enjoy it, but I wasn’t such a fan. However things got a little more…strange…in the end and I rather liked it. In fact, now that things are in the open in the storyline, I’m rather looking forward to the sequel.

The Nutshell: Though I didn’t enjoy a lot of Skyship Academy, I did like the ending which paved the way for me to get excited about book two. If military-ish fighting and war talk are your thing, then you’ll probably enjoy Skyship Academy. If you’re a fan of interesting dystopian worlds, give this one try.

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