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Crazy dejavu of the 90's!
(Updated: August 25, 2012)
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I can honestly say I adored this book! The year is 1996 and the authors made it seem so realistic. They take you back to when we were all just starting to get home computers or envying over the fact that our neighbors had one and we didn't. I was born in '95 so this would have taken place when I was only a year old, but I can still feel that connection with Josh and Emma. Not just over how Facebook didn't exist, but many factors that authors Jay and Carolyn made sure to include in the story. They even throw in what I found to be a funny fact about how someone posted a status about how they feel sorry for Pluto because it was always their favorite planet and Josh and Emma are pondering about what could possibly happen to Pluto in the future. I found it funny. Not sure why, but I did. (I guess I'm just cheesy like that.) This book has some other major aspects other than Facebook. Ofcourse, you have romance. BUT it's not you're average romance, all thanks to Facebook. This book made me smile through it all. To be quite honest, although it doesn't necessarily bash Facebook, it made me want to delete mine. I know I can't see my future on it, but it made me realize how much drama really does come of it, especially during you're teen years. This book does carry an awesome story about foreseeing the future and having the ability to manipulate it, but I think it also touches on some of today's social networking issues. This book definitely earned 4.5 stars from me. Just amazing. :)
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