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This book hasn't been at my library and I finally got my hands on it a few days ago. It took me a little while to get into, but was still a pretty good book.
Plot: Plotwise, this book was a long the lines of Between by Jessica Warman. Trying to figure out what happened leading up to the current time. (Both girls were popular or former populars, too.) Parker gradually allows herself to recall more and more of the night her life started to go down hill. The plot was a little slow, which I didn't mind at all because even in the small scenes, something was always going on. I feel that the ending was rushed compared to how slowly the rest of the book moved. Within a few chapters you find out what really happened, they react and then it ends.

Characters: I loved Parker, she speaks my language: sarcasm. Although I'm not quite as gutsy to say some of the things she does. I still don't 100% understand why she just wanted to be left alone, but I really liked her character's back story and how she used to be "perfect" and now she's not. She's got this I-don't-a-crap-what-you-think-about-me attitude and says whatever comes to her mind. She can come off a bit rude when insisting that Jake likes her and Christopher is still in love with her.

Jake. Ah, he still likes Parker even though she hates his guts, or does she? I was disappointed they didn't get very far and I kept mentally hitting Parker for pushing him away. Maybe we'll get a sequel with more Parke? (Woo! for on-the-spot couple naming!)

Okay, so maybe it's true that Christopher is still in love with her. I don't see why they broke up, but I guess it was part of the becoming unperfect plan that Parker had in mind. I like him. If they had been together during the course of the book, I think they would have been a cute couple. Parke is so much better though. If it even exists.

Becky. Do I really need to waste time on her? Even if Parker tormented her a bit, okay a lot, I never really felt sorry for her. She was too much like a few of the attention seeking girls at my school I try to avoid.

Riley. I was really going to cry. The tears were ready to fall and I kept waiting for it to be fake. It totally crossed the line of things acceptable. Really though, Riley was just another character (even if he is a dog) that loved Parker and it's not really clear why.

Jess. I kept waiting for the story of her disappearance to be something really spectacular and different than a lot of other books, but it was pretty typical for a YA book.

Overall: I like it. I'll definitely be picking up a few more of Courtney Summers' books, but at the library; I probably won't by them. Though this book was pretty good, it was also pretty average.
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