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I've been meaning to read this book for a while, but it was always the book I'd put back down when I found a better one at the bookstore. I was combing over the library's YA section while I was on lunch and snagged it to read at the desk. It got to the point where I had to remind myself not to glare at any patron who came up to the desk. Not to mention I had to start shelving right after a major bomb is dropped.

Plot: This book will not bore you. Not a single moment. I think it mostly has to do with the fact that a lot of it is flashbacks to important points in her life. Either way, every page brings you closer to the jaw dropping ending. I like that it's an ending you can piece together yourself with subtle hints starting from the very beginning.

Characters: Liz is pretty much you're stereotypical popular girl realizing quite how awful she was. I didn't particularly mind this as much as her realistic-ness. She counts her calories very closely, to approximately 1200 a day, which is a relatively healthy amount for someone who's not active. I count my calories to make sure I eat enough to make up for five hours of running at soccer practice. She says she runs for hours. A four hour run burns 3000 calories. I know the point is she's supposed to be wasting away, but there is no way she had the energy to run day after day without fail with that kind of calorie intake.

Let me just say I loved Alex. I love characters with sass and he never backed down to Liz. He's getting to say everything to the popular b- he would have loved to when they were alive. The thing I loved about him the most is a major plot spoiler, so if you haven't read it, you can skip on down to the next visible text. Those of you that have, just select, highlight the white text in the space below so that you can read it ^_^

When I told my friend the basic plot, she immediately said Alex and Liz were going to fall in love. This was my initial reaction as well, pretty much when they first met. But, I realized there was no way Alex was going to let that happen. Then, as the story moved one, I noticed that Liz staying loyal to Richie and not falling for Alex just proved there was no way she could have cheated on him. (One of the little hints throughout the book).

I liked Caroline, the fifth wheel of the group, so to say. She was the character I could relate to the most, even if it was a little. Topher and Mera were likable enough.

I was on the fence about Josie because I realized who she was almost as soon as the book started. She was a good character though. I liked the mystery surrounding who her father was the whole book. I really had no idea for that one.

Overall: The twists and turns and drops are endless in Between. But, there just wasn't anything especially special about it. I got really into while reading it and I'll be sure to check out the recommendations I get because of it on Goodreads.
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