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Not what I expected- in a bad way.
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So let me just start of by stressing how completely hysterical this book is. And just because I cannot get over this fact, here's one of my favorites (check against final copy):
"I want this Taylor downloaded to a memory stick as tiny as his you-know-what."

Plot: The plot sounds really exciting; I really liked the idea of it. Max has a perfected way to get girls over break ups, so she starts a company. Once you start reading, it seems really strange. Even if my best friend sent her to my house, I don't think I'd be taking pills from her the moment she walked in my door.

Her process is the same for everyone and it honestly didn't seem like it'd be a foolproof system. I liked the idea of the Moment, and it was obvious what that was leading up to.

As much as I thought this sounded like a really good plot, it just seemed a little off.

Characters: To be perfectly honest, I really didn't like Max. Like at all. It starts off almost right away telling us how she'd pretend to be different people to fit in as she switched to different schools around the country. This came off as very fake to me and as the book progresses I just get this vibe even more. She "borrows" (a.k.a. steals and returns) clothes from Teen Vogue's closet at night, and lies to even her best friends. When her facade starts to crumble I can't even feel sorry for her because she's felt so fake the entire book. I don't know if it's because she's older then the typical YA main character, or what, but you can't build a character on just what she says (which was pretty funny) she has to have a personality besides that too. And I don't feel like we ever get to know the real Max.

Ben, on the other hand, I feel completely sorry for. Max treats him like dirt and it doesn't seem to bother him. I thought it was interesting when we learn his relation to Bridget's case. Other than that, he was a pretty okay character.

Zach. Every word used with him in the book started with F. Zach flounced. With a flourish. Flaming. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing wrong with have a gay character. In fact, I loved Fabian and the girls (Sophie I think. I can't remember) in Being Friends with Boys and Frankie in The Fine Art of Truth or Dare. It was just overdone in my opinion. Being gay shouldn't be someone's defining characteristic. There's so much more to a person than that, but with Zach, there really wasn't.

There really wasn't much to Phoebe, Bridget or Taylor either. Even Hugo wasn't all that special. I felt like they were all pretty flat.

Overall: I wanted to like this book, I really did. I just couldn't. I didn't really like the writing style, and though the plot was okay, the characters were as flat as paper. I debated about giving this book a two because the plot was okay, but I really could not get into this book. I can't even believe I finished it in one day.

Which really, just because I didn't like it, doesn't mean it wouldn't be a nice light read for someone else. Just don't expect anything amazing.
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