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This book wasn't the fluffy chick lit you think it would be, but it isn't quite as deep as you think it would be either. It's a mixture of both, not really straying too far to either side of the line. Over all, it was a pretty good read.

Plot: When you really think about it, this is a pretty overdone plot idea. There's one major thing keeping them apart, like most romances, but this is that Jake can't talk. It's a very different issue than most books, but when you get down to it, it is very similar to many other YA books.

I did like Sam's situation. Though I didn't think it was done as well as it could have been, I really liked her story line. It kind of just fizzled out and dropped off, which disappointed me.

There were a few different back stories that just kind of fizzled out. I wished River's secret would have played out to more.

I found it really funny how they were all crushing on their friend's sister. Rain liked Jordan (Jake's little sister) and Carter liked River (Rain's twin sister).

Characters: This book has some of the best characters ever.

Jake Hayes. There's a few points where he begins to wallow in self pity, but let's be honest. He's the major crush worthy guy most girls wished pined after them like he does Sam. I had an instant connection with Jake on page one, as soon as I read the countdown to the Air Force part. My best friend wants to go into the Air Force and is off flying a plane all the time. So the fact that I could see him in Jake made me relate to Jake before I had even started reading.

I also like how honest his narration was. He wasn't like "Oh, the trailer was beautiful just because it was Sam's". No, sir. "The trailer was crap" was more his style. I like that he didn't sugar coat things.

Now, I can relate even more to Sam. I'm at the top of my class currently and sometimes school work doesn't leave me much time for other people. I like how strong she was, never asking anyone for help, although it wasn't the smartest thing.

Carter and Rain were pretty cool. They never really talked about the accident, but they're guys, so who knows? I loved Jake's family. They reminded me of the Duggar's with a bunch of kids who's names all start with the same letter.

Norah just bothered me throughout the entire book and her and Jake at the party. UGH. But that's what she's supposed to do, right?

Overall: I really liked how it was a romance book without being mushy. The characters were amazing. It was definitely worth digging out my old eReader to read.
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