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Interesting Idea, but falls short
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Veronica Rossi has created two futuristic worlds in this book both showing opposite ways the human race could have evolved. One is a super-high tech civilization where we rely on technology to survive; and the other a primitive civilization where human's senses and instincts have evolved to help us survive. Despite my interest in her concept however I found this book somewhat underdeveloped.

The only part that I felt was truly well developed was when Cinder was introduced, there was mystery about him and he moved the storyline alone with the other characters, but his actions ended up being completely predictable in the end when he saved Perry and Aria. One nice surprise was at the end when Vale's true intentions came out. Most of the ending was foreseeable and uninspiring, but I was surprised by what had happened with Vale. In the end this book didn't hold my attention enough to make me want to read more. I still have unanswered questions that I assume would be answered in the next book, but I don't think this one captivated me enough to read on.
Good Points
-Interesting concept, one that despite its comparisons to "The Hunger Games," which it was nothing like, I found to be original.

-Cinder was an interesting character, and I liked his involvement in the plot.

-I also liked the twist at the end when you find out more about Vale.
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