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(Updated: August 17, 2012)
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And here we have yet another badass heroine, Kali, plus a whole new action-packed (Why do publishers and people always use "action-packed" to describe a book?) story that doesn't slow down. It's straight-forward, and doesn't stop to let you catch your breath. It was good; pulling readers through the entire book but letting us wind down a bit definitely would've helped.

A major problem I have with Every Other Day was the fact that there wasn't enough information that built around the story. I'd love to know more about Kali's other hunting ventures, or even her life before puberty/the-change-that-made-her-want-to-hunt-down-and-kill-things. Besides, we know next to nothing about Zev and his life. Yes, the ending implied that they ended up together but not together at the same time. Like they're together but not official. But nothing's worse than dating a stranger.

Dear Jennifer Lynn Barnes,
So according to Kali Zev is absolutely yummy and is somewhat nice for giving her advice and stuff, but for him to really appeal to the general female population, a bit more info about him would do good.

I wouldn't describe the characters as flat, but they didn't make me want to sympathize for them because they weren't real to me. The emotions in the characters were a bit forced. The only character I bonded with wasn't even Kali. It was Sydney. Sydney was bold, with her own brand of humour. She could be easily described as eccentric, but I think she's the only one in the story who seemed natural and down-to-earth. Kali was strong - I thought she was a good protagonist - but very very detached without much of a reason.

I loved the different supernatural creatures. Don't get me wrong, I'm alright with the clichés (vamps, werewolves), if not for the bodily-fluid-slurping and changing-into-wolf thing, but griffins and kelpies deserve to be recognized, too. Yes, it's much easier to write about clichés because they can be recognized as somewhat human, whereas it's very difficult to write from a winged-lion's point of view simply because they're animals. But even sticking them into the story, taking them out from the attic would be like a burst of fresh air.

I have to admit that it'd make me like the story much more if a bit more time spent on the details would be amazing, I think that Jennifer Lynn Barnes did a wonderful job on Every Other Day, with Kali's odd power among other things. I'd recommend it as a casual read.
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