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Anna and the French Kiss (A Room with Books review)
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This book in one word? Fantastique! Seriously, I loved everything about this book. The characters were great, the setting was great, the writing was great. I'm could just go on and on about this book. Why have I not read it before now?!?

First off, I absolutely loved the characters in this book. Anna had such a great voice. I thought I'd read books with believable high school girls, but she totally blows everyone else right off the page. Her thoughts were the kind almost everyone can relate to. Especially the inner SCREAMING in capital letters. Of course, I want to hit her on the head and tell her she was a dummy sometimes, but I'm sure others would have been doing the same to me had they been following me around and listening to my every thought. Everyone else was great too. So great, in fact, I wanted them to be my friends instead of Anna's sometimes. And, of course, who could forget St. Clair? Personally, I prefer his first name, but I shall not delve into French on the keyboard. He's totally droolworthy, but not just in the looks department. He's funny and just naturally charming. And amazing. Enough about Euro boy though.

How could someone not love a book set in Paris? All of the descriptions whether it be about the weather or Notre Dame were great. I also loved the little peppering of French words throughout the story. It really helped in making me feel like I was actually in Paris. Plus, the whole French thing adds to the hilarity of Anna's situation (I love when she orders lunch for herself the first time!). And speaking of food: the descriptions alone made me want to shove some things in a bag and board a plane for the City of Light immediately.

I absolutely loved the relationship drama in Anna and the French Kiss. It was a totally new take on the high school boy-meets-girl scenario for me. It was much more emotional and engrossing than I ever could have possibly imagined. I hurt for Anna when she hurt and was pulling out my hair right along with her in frustration.

Final thoughts: This book was amazing. You absolutely must read it. I was cracking up all over the place and loving every minute. This book is a great escape that takes you not only to the City of Light, but captures your heart in the process.
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