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Hush, Hush (A Room with Books review)
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This book started out really slow for me and I was finding it difficult to get into it. I've heard all the hype so I was expecting something fantastic and I felt like I was being let down. And then I made it to the middle. It was about that time when it really hooked me and pulled me in.

Everything seemed...forced in the beginning. It felt like Patch and Nora were just two random people that got thrown together simply so they could make a story. Obviously, that's kind of what a book is about, but the reader isn't supposed to be able to feel it. Finally, I got to the good stuff and things were explained a little better which made the story flow A LOT better.

The heat between Nora and Patch was crazy. Normally, I'm pretty good with the cutesy relationship stuff, but Hush, Hush got me hungry for something more. I want the next book right now just so I can see how Nora and Patch get, ahem, closer.

I also really enjoyed the take on angels here. It was quite a bit darker than your typical angel book, but it also had a few new things thrown in to spice up the mix.

Final thoughts: If for some reason you haven't read this yet, go out and pick it up. Though the beginning may be slow, confusing, and seem like things are just thrown in to create a story, you MUST stick with it
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