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(Updated: August 14, 2012)
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When I requested this galley from Netgalley, I wasn't sure what to expect. Honestly when I first started reading the book I was a bit confused. Nick hears voices in his head telling him what choices to make. And not just a few choices, but every step, every bite, etc. So, at first I was a bit confused because I had no idea why he was hearing voices, or better yet why he was listening to them! However, I kept reading and boy am I glad I did. This book kept me wanting more of Nick's story and I just couldn't get enough.

Nick has been cursed by being able to see his future. Once he makes a decision, his mind will flash through a host of images of his future. If he sticks to that decision and follows through with what his mind is telling him to do, he will stick to that particular future. If he strays from it, then he will see a whole new batch of "pictures" and a completely different future. When Nick goes off his current course to save a strange girl, his future starts to spiral. Taryn is the girl he saves and the two start a friendship that neither one saw coming. Taryn seems to know an awful lot about Nick's curse though and he's not sure whether or not he can trust her. But, he just cannot stay away from her, and she cannot stay away from him. I loved Nick and Taryn's relationship. I really liked the way they were able to balance each other out in a way. They truly do need each other. I enjoyed how Nick matured a bit once he met Taryn, and how he was able to finally learn why he is cursed and how to stop it, if he can.

The secondary characters are important to the story as well. They aren't just thrown in there for good measure. I enjoyed reading about them and was even rooting for them in the end, yes even the "cruel" ones who made fun of Nick for the way he was. I thought Ms. Balog did a fantastic job of tying all of the characters' stories together while keeping me interested in each individual story.

I thought the characters were well written and I thoroughly enjoyed reading about them. I haven't read any other of Cyn Balog's books, but I will definitely be putting them on my 'to read' list. Her style is unique and impossible to put down.
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