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Young Adult Fiction 2039
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(Updated: August 14, 2012)
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This is one of those books that readers will either love or...not. It's well written with fully developed characters who are interesting and engaging but the overall story itself was a tough one.

Frenenqer, or "Nenner" is a prisoner in her life and while she has a quiet strength, she's so walled off emotionally that she's unable to really "live". She has her father to thank for that and the man gives new meaning to the word, "over-bearing". He's abusive emotionally (and eventually physically) to both she and her mother and I wished him dead throughout most of the book. (Not nice to say but still.)

Sangris - the Free Person she rescues, offers much needed comic relief and there's such a sweetness about him that it was painful to read at times. He's nothing like I expected and I was unsure for a good bit of the book if he was even real or just a figment of Nenner's imagination - like a coping mechanism. (I loved him though in whatever shape he showed up in.)

Nenner has a LOT to deal with in this book and she was incredibly frustrating to me. It seemed to take a long time for her to get her act together and then once she did, poof, it was over. The last couple of chapters were the best part but then like I said, it ended.
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