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A rare mixture of time-travel and chick-lit!
(Updated: August 26, 2012)
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Thank you Heather Riccio for the ARC. :)

The author has an excellent way with words.I read the entire story in one sitting(I seem to be doing that a lot nowadays) and no matter how hard I tried,I couldn't take my eyes of the kindle until I finally finished the last page.(I know,it sounds as if I'm in love with my kindle but you know what I mean) and because of this,I had to listen to a lot of gibberish from my mom about how I'm ruining my eyesight by reading on the kindle all day.The ending was a total cliffhanger,and nowhere near how I expected it to be.Plus,I never thought that I could ever put time-travel and chick-lit in the same room without causing conflict,since the things that pop into my mind when I think about time-travel are sci-fi stuff.You know,time-travel machines,spaceships,flying cars,alien invasions,and other crazy stuff of that sort.But Rachel Harris showed me otherwise. ;)

My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century is a wonderful read for any teenage girl,or any adult woman who's young at heart.(like the author herself :))It has its share of humour and romance,along with a hot Italian guy from the sixteenth century which makes up the whole package.(Yum!^^)While reading this book you'll laugh and swoon at the same time,so much that you won't be able to tell which is which.And let's not forget about Cat's pathetic attempt to fit in to the elite society of renaissance Italy which is bound to make you laugh so hard that your cheeks will start hurting.Even if you're not into chick-lit much,My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century is absolutely worth a shot.
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