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A Delicious Magical Brew of Short Tales
(Updated: August 15, 2012)
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I'm a huge fan of the Merry Sisters of Fate: Maggie Stiefvater, Tessa Gratton, and Brenna Yovanoff. I purchased their first collection of short stories back in 2008 and was hooked. So when I heard another collection of their stories was coming out, I had to have it. I was bummed that the galleys weren't available at ALA but when Tessa twittered rumor that THE CURIOSITIES was out early, I rushed out and purchased it.

How can I say how much I love this book? I'm going to have to include a best anthology category to my top 2012 YA picks this year. And yes, this book will be in it.

Why? Oh my gosh, let's just say this book is pure genius. Not only is it filled with amazing short stories but it has notes/comments from the authors on the writing process.

I'm totally in love with all these writer's writing. Maggie uses words in such a way that's it's like eating the most delectable bowl of dark chocolate ice cream. You want to savor each word.

My favorite line of hers comes from her take on a King Arthur prompt:

...And love means more if it is hard to do.

Tessa Gratton's writing is filled with passion, kissing, and awesomeness.

My favorite story--and it was really hard to chose just one--has to be THE VAMPIRE BOX. This story haunted me and I was dying(no pun intended) on what happens next!

Brenna Yovanoff's stories are haunting. I can't believe I haven't read one of her novels. Well, I will remedy that real fast!

My favorite of hers has to be NEIGHBORS a haunting twist on the familiar ghost tale.

There's notes, comments throughout. For example they share their favorite words:

Tessa- Sloughing, ecstatic, wrought, viscera, effervescent
Brenna- Hemorrhage, ostensibly, psychosomatic, harmonica, flirtatious
Maggie- Hectic, noble, squiffy, piscatorial, longing

I love how all the Merry sisters can take a word and weave it into a short tale in such a way that makes it magical. Yes, this collection is pure magic. I love the unique twist. That's one thing I love about Andrew Karre's new imprint--it's not afraid to take chances and experiment.

I want more! A delicious magical brew of short tales. This is a must read for fans of dark paranormal shorts.
Good Points
1. Great collection of short stories by Merry Sisters of Fate
2. Maggie Stievater, Tessa Gratton, Brenna Yovanoff--Need I say more?
3. Pure genius
4. Unique twist on an anthology as this one shows notes/comments on the writing process
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