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"He heads off, leaving me with Drew. I look at him. 'The Drew Effect? Seriously?'
'I get it at most places,' he says, starting to grin, but then stopping himself. 'Honestly, it can get pretty annoying.'
'Oh, poor Drew,' I say. Like pretty girls giving him their number is really a problem."

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Loving Summer was absolutely the perfect way to start the summer! It was a very short, light read, perfect for the beach. Although it isn't all rainbows and unicorns, it mostly focuses on the time Summer spends with three boys and their romances.

Loving Summer was the first novel I have read by Kailin Gow and now, I can see why readers love her work so much. Her work is mainly romance, but she incorporates so much character-building and well-written narration, you can't help but love whatever she writes. Summer hasn't seen her best friend Rachel and her two brothers, Drew and Nat in over three years. Summer has always had a crush on Nat but he has never seemed to notice her...until now. Although my first thought was that this was going to be yet another boring, sappy romance novel, it turned out to be so much more!

Gow really takes her time developing each of her characters' personalities, which is what makes this book so much fun to read:
Summer: The protagonist of the novel. She has changed drastically from the girl with braces and glasses to an incredibly beautiful girl, but is still sweet as ever. Has had a crush on Nat since forever. The thing I love most about Summer is that she knows who she is. She knows that she's pretty and athletic and that boys notice her now. She is aware that all three boys have a thing for her instead of being annoyingly oblivious.

Drew Donovan: At first, he is shown to be an uncaring jerk, who is unbelievably hot but sleeps with many girls then forgets about them. Slowly, however, you realize he is devoted (guess who to!) and considerate. Think Damon from Vampire Diaries, except he changes after meeting Elena. And just like I love Damon, I am Team Drew all the way! :D
I just need an excuse to put a picture of Damon ;o)

Nathaniel "Nat" Donovan: The first thing I thought of was that the name sounds a LOT like Matt Donovan (again, Vampire Diaries). But if you really wanted a comparison (from VD), take Stefan while his feelings were turned off by Klaus and Elena still cared about him (I sure hope you've watched this last season!). That's kind of how Nat is throughout the book. He's always playing with Summer's feelings - uncaring and out of the picture. Then after a while, he shows up, alternately telling her he cares for her and then informing they can't ever be together.

Astor Fairway: A TV star of popular teen shows and movies. He doesn't have friends outside of Summer and the actors he works with. He asks Summer out at a party in the beginning and they start dating and stay that way throughout the book. Hot, sweet, smart and rich - he's the perfect boyfriend...if only he could stop going away to movie shoots.
Chace Crawford Modeling

Rachel Donovan: Summer's best friend. Recently turned Goth, she is pretty and sweet, but not too big in the story - except when it's something about her boyfriend Ryan. I wish she were shown to be the best friend that she is, maybe with Summer confiding in her about some things.

Aunt Sookie: She owns the beach house and the Acting Academy. This is the character I most wish I'd seen more of. She sounds like a fabulous aunt and her stories about her 20s would be a great addition to the story. Oh well..

The romanciness is so CUTE!! Instead of wanting to gag, I was pulled along through the love triangle or love pentagon or whatever it was, and I stayed up late because I wanted to know who Summer ends up with so bad!!!

Most of the novel is told through Summer's point of view, but there are a few amazing chapters told through Drew's point of view. I love the bit of guy's perspective in the whole thing, although I feel like it's a huge giveaway to who Summer might possibly be with in the end (this is not a spoiler, I don't know either!)

I just wish all of them were shown to be great choices in the end, so it would make it harder for the reader to pick a "team" for the second book. As it is, only one stands out as the best choice. And I'm not the only one who thinks so! If you have read the book, be sure to go vote on which team you're on at or even below on this page!

The cover fit the theme of this book just right, with a girl and guy holding hands in front of a setting sun. Their backs are turned so that gives it sort of a mysterious aura as to who it could be. The title is cool too - it makes sense with Summer meaning both the season and the protagonist. If you're going to read this book, I encourage you to get a physical copy. The cover's made out a weird rubbery substance, so when you let your fingers slide over it, the book squeaks! I just thought that was the coolest thing and I found myself rubbing it while reading :D

More About the Series:
I don't get to know who Summer ends up with yet! :(( Loving Summer was the first of a series, the second of which will come out in February 2013 and be called Perfect Summer.

I usually think picking "teams" in books like this is ridiculous, but this book makes me want to be a part of all that stupidness. Read this book!

Recommended for: Kailin Gow's fans, contemporary readers
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May 03, 2013
That sounds like a really good book and the cover is adorable
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