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I'll just admit right here that I didn't read the whole book. I couldn't. There was absolutely nothing new or interesting about this book that could make me continue reading it. Usually I enjoy angel books, but this one? I was bored from the very beginning but I forced myself to read to atleast page 50. Did I start liking it? Absolutely not. So this review is going to be of the first 20% only.

As far as I know, Obie leaves heaven or wherever the angels and demons live to live in Earth for love. Then some unknown evil happens to him. Daphne loves him so she decides to go after him to Earth. Also, there's this kid called Truman and they'll fall in love. The plot isn't actually what's terrible. It's the writing style. From the beginning, I just get this depressing vibe that I didn't even get in the Hunger Games. The book's very slow-paced and the narration is such that I can't seem to get into the plot or characters at all. Bleh.

Well, I'm glad Daphne is different, caring. Her love for her brother is evident from the beginning and it's obvious she'd go to any lengths to get him back. Her brother, Obie, seems to be caring too - after all, he's the employee at the Department of God Works. Yet, I couldn't find myself caring about either of these characters or rooting for them at all. They're just kinda...there. Truman seems a bit more interesting than the other two, with his dreams and his lifestyle and the promise of a good mystery about blood on the carpet.

Cover Love:
The US cover is beautiful, but the UK/Australia cover is even better, in my opinion. True, I wanted to read this book because of the cover. But can you blame me? Both of them are so pretty! (They're the same book, by the way, it's just called Smoulder in the UK and Aus.)

Finishin' Up:
No action - no fun!
I definitely do not recommend reading this. Unless it gets better when Daphne gets to Earth? There was some insta-love within the first 30 pages that made me insta-bored. Does it get any better, y'all?
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