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"What do you think that fish is?' Sam asked Astrid.
She peered closely at the alleged fish. 'I think that's an example of Pesce inedibilis,' she said.
'Yeah?' Sam made a face. 'Do you think it's okay to eat?'
Astrid sighed theatrically. 'Pesce inedibilis? Inedible? Joke, duh. Try to keep up, Sam, I made that really easy for you.'
Sam smiled. 'You know, a real genius would have known I wouldn't get it. Ergo, you are not a real genius. Hah. That's right. I threw down an 'ergo.''
She gave him a pitying look. 'That's very impressive, Sam. Especially from a boy who has twenty-two different uses for the word 'dude."

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Review: This book, like City of Bones, has been long overdue on my TBR, and I am so glad the review mania helped me finally get to it because it is AMAZING!!!

Plot: No time for slow, boring descriptions or preludes! This book goes right into the action with all the adults disappearing by the first line! This book just took fast-paced to a whole new level. From the disappearance of the adults to the unfolding of the kids’ special powers to the ultimate battle at the end, this book just totally rocked my world. Sure, it’s full of action but Grant is also great at emotions too. When the characters break down, it’s so heart wrenching. You want to look away as if you were invading some kind of privacy. After around 50 pages, it seems to get a little dull, but don’t you worry because another few pages you’re more hooked than ever!

Characters: For once, characters act like their age. They don’t just suddenly rise up to the challenge, especially not Sam. He’s the reluctant hero type, wishing he could fall back into the shadows and invisibility and though he is an awesome leader near the end, for a while, he just hides and leaves when he is thrust into a position of responsibility. That made him really likable for me, because that is just exactly what a 14-year-old would do (including me, I am sorry to say). Astrid also is someone I would meet in everyday life – the lonely girl who hides it by being a smart know-it-all. Her brilliance earns her respect but she’s also modest and kind and truly caring. Her similarity to Hermione (you know who I’m talking about!) definitely earns her some brownie points. Without a doubt, the evil guys deserve a mention too. Where would we be without the Caine and Drake to fight? Caine, again, is totally believable. He’s been early on given these super abilities and never been told right from wrong, so he misuses his powers to hide that he is vulnerable: being abandoned by his parents at an early age and rejected by his love is sure to have its effects.

POV: The book goes through alternating points of view of some of the main characters – Sam and Astrid, to someone else, to Lana…That felt weird and kind of forced, but I suppose it was needed to get the back stories of characters that were away from the main action as Lana was. But third person omniscient might have been better overall.

Romanciness: Arr Sam and Astrid. So cute and again I must stress believable. Sam has had a crush on this beautiful, smart, too-good-for-him girl since forever and it’s only after the FAYZ that he has a chance with her. Now for some speculation…*SPOILER ALERT* Is Diana kinda, sorta into Sam? That would make for an AWESOME love triangle, much better than the usual two guys and a girl. Also, does Drake have a crush on Diana? I just have this feeling…*SPOILER ENDS*

Narration: Most of the main characters are 13- and 14-year olds but it’s definitely not a children’s book. I love the dark tone of the book that makes it more of a older YA book and I’m sure it will only get darker and gorier as the series progresses. YAY!

End: Can I say AMAZING? It resolves some stuff such as how the FAYZ came about, and the very end leaves you at a cliffhanger but it was resolved enough so you didn’t end up feeling like you were going to rip your hair out if you didn’t get the next book RIGHT NOW. I hate when that happens (I’m looking at you, Ashes!)

Similarities: Gone shows striking similarity to Lost, obviously and a lot of people have mentioned the similarity of Heroes with the sudden acquiring of super powers. As a Harry Potter fan, the relationship between Sam, Astrid and Quinn also reminds me of the Harry-Hermione-Ron trio. Harry/Sam would be the unwilling leader, Quinn would be Ron – the guy who has some identity issues and dissatisfied with his last place in the group as he sees it, threatens to leave. And you can just see Astrid as Hermione, both the only girls and both brilliant.

More About the Series: Wikipedia tells me that Gone, Hunger, Lies, and Plague have all been published. Fear will be released April 3, 2012 (the date's coming up fast!) and Light will "presumably" be released in 2013.

Recommended for: Everyone who likes a dark twist to their YA!
Sensitive Themes: Well, there is quite a bit of gore, just so ya know!
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