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Genre: YA, Fantasy, Paranormal, Magic, Romance
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Review: My first thought was "Hahaha!", my second though was "Oooh! That doesn't sound good!", and my third thought was "Hooked!"
Though not too original, this debut novel from author K.C. Neal is enough to make you visit her blog, her Twitter, her Facebook, everything in search of some elusive info about the second in this cool new series. That's how much I loved The Discovery. The book starts out innocent enough - a bake sale and the protag's cookies are by far the best. You meet the best friend, the archenemy and some cute guys who seem to hover around Corinne (the protag). But then you realize this boy-magnet thing is not normal. In fact, it is unheard of. And then you start to suspect...
The book itself is short and sweet. The 100 or so pages flew by so quickly that I kept trying to turning pages in disbelief. How could it have ended already? Just when it was getting to the horrific and awesome part, the book ended. What a cliffhanger! I need Book 2 right now!!

Corinne and Mason are generally likable characters, and they have great chemistry, although Corinne seems to be yet another version of the emotionally stunted heroines (romantically) we've come to see in many YA books nowadays. (If you're listening, it's really getting pathetic, writers! Please do me a favor and change it up once in a while!) After Mason returns, Ang (the best friend) just sort of disappears - whenever something important happens, she is with her family or helping relatives. I was hoping to see more of her. I really love her character. She's has a bubbly personality but she can be serious and is quite intelligent for coming up with the cookies experiment (what's the experiment? I guess you'll just have to read it to find out!)

And the not-so-awesome: The narration needs some work. It isn't very mature yet, but I'm not dwelling on this since it's her first book. Also, the text messages will really get to you, especially if you're a teenager (as I am). I think they were supposed to provide some sort of unique narration, but all it did was annoy me. Here's one: "Thx for the update gr8 2 hear" That is so stereotypical! Most teenagers don't actually text like that and it really bothers me. Other than that though, I really enjoyed this book and can't wait to see more by this author!

Recommended for: Fans of paranormal YA and The Secret Circle (L.J. Smith
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