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Alice, I Think is about Alice, a home-schooled girl about to enter normal society for the first time since her unfortunate end to first grade. Alice has had minimum contact with people her age, so she has no idea how to act. Alice has a counselor who she talks to frequently, and one day, she commented on how she would like to go to a school again. Her counselor and her parents make a big deal about it, trying to make it as great as an experience as possible.

Alice goes through many horrible experiences along the way. After getting a horrid haircut, she meets her first grade nemesis, Linda, once again. Linda starts a fight with Alices mother, causing a big scene. To remedy the situation, Alice is offered a shopping trip with her mother in Prince George. Alice also has minimum contact with boys, so she doesnt know how to act around them, so she ends up making things worse for herself. Especially the spectacle with Gooseboy at her brother, MacGregors fish competition.

Alice has a lot to learn about, including school, boys, friends, and socializing with people. Her attempts to fit into society put her in humorous situations. But this book did not live up to my expectations. It was funny at times, but the book didnt hold keep me that interested. I would recommend this to anyone who needs a good, quick read. I do look forward to reading the sequel though.
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