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A great ending to a great series!
(Updated: August 07, 2012)
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I could not wait to start this book. I fell in love with the series when I read 'Paranormalcy'. I think the previous two books were incredibly refreshing and fun. 'Endlessly' is no different. First, the characters. Evie is back and is as quirky, sarcastic, & lovable as ever. Her 'voice' is so entertaining and I couldn't help but giggle at all her sarcastic remarks, and let's be honest, all the "bleeping" quotes. Evie is the type of girl you'd love to have as your best friend. Lend is (of course) back as well, and I just adore his character. Not only is he a GOOD guy, he is completely devoted to Evie and would do anything to protect her. Reth and Jack are back, and I'm surprised to tell you that I adored both of them in this book. I don't want to give spoilers away, but let's just say that they both do have redeeming qualities that I loved reading about. Vivian also makes some appearances and I love how she and Evie are getting closer and learning more about each other. There are many other secondary characters that make an appearance, as well as some new ones, and Kiersten White does a great job of making sure that their inner "voices" really come through. She is such a talented writer. I didn't really feel like I was reading a book, but more like reading the actual story of Evie's life. I hope that makes sense.

The setting doesn't just happen in one place and I enjoyed that. The characters have to travel to a few different places, and I think it kept the book moving really well. I loved the scenes in the faerie realms and I think Kiersten did a great job of showing how terrifying the fae can be. *shivers*

This is such a great series. Not only is the story fantastic, the characters likable and lasting, but the story is one that stays with you after reading the books. I still remember how great I felt after reading 'Paranormalcy' and how I couldn't wait for future books of the series. Kudos to you Kiersten for writing such a great series for young adults and adults! I can't wait to see what you write next! And I'm so sad to see Evie and the rest the gang go, but this book gives us a definite ending that I think readers will be happy with. I know I was. This series is bleeping fantastic!
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