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Heart pounding, action packed conclusion to the Firelight trilogy.
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Beautiful cover!

It's nice to see that all of the covers in this series have been consistent. It would've been really cool to have both Jacinda and Tamra on this one but it's still fabulous!

This is a heart pounding, chest clutching, action packed conclusion to the Firelight trilogy and I absolutely loved it!

Hidden picks up right where Vanish leaves off with Will, Cassian and Tamra all preparing to send Jacinda into the enkros compound in an effort to rescue Miriam. The plan is a dangerous one with an unexpected outcome that left me breathless and crying ALL THE TEARS.

Jacinda and Will are trying their best to be together but are met with resistance at every turn, whether it's the bonding with Cassian or her issues with the pride. But Will (who is just as perfect as ever IMHO) can only be patient for so long and Jacinda will have to decide what's more important, their future or her need for answers. (Correct answer is: WILL.Every.Time.)

Jacinda is fearless in her efforts to protect those she loves and her selflessness is to be praised. It's her willingness to put others first all the time that could end up costing her what she wants the most though. She and Will have known from the start that their relationship is a complicated one and cherish whatever quiet moments they have together which are both heart-achingly tender and bittersweet, but is it enough?

I spent the better part of Firelight and Vanish not a fan of Cassian. Regardless of his hotness, I felt he was overbearing, rude and presumptuous of what his relationship with Jacinda should be but all that changed in Hidden. He still tends towards the strong, silent type but in this book, we finally get to see the real Cassian, the whole man (or should I say, drakai?) and you know, I kinda fell in love with him. ;)

Tamra comes into her own which was so refreshing. No longer is she lost in Jacinda's shadow but becomes a force to be reckoned with. Just like her sister though, Tamra will have decisions to make, ones that will have lasting effects on their relationship.

Then there's Will. *sighs swoony sigh* Could there be another guy as perfect as he is? I think not! He's kind, compassionate, brave and his patience alone could earn him the Nobel Peace Prize. It also doesn't hurt that he's gorgeous and his love and concern for Jacinda are heart melting. But can their love really see them through or are their differences just too great to overcome long term? Will they even get the chance to find out?

Along with the four main characters, some familiar faces from the two previous books reappear and we're introduced to some new ones too. (One really, really nice one. *winks*) Not all of these faces are Team Drakai, but one in particular will impact the girls in a way they never saw coming.

When finishing a series, it's always important to tie up any loose ends and unanswered questions but a "And they lived happily ever after!" isn't always guaranteed and Hidden is no different. Answering questions concerning Will's drakai blood, where the girls' Mom went and what really happened to their Dad, can be a tall order to fill and Sophie Jordan has succeeded.

I know that this is supposed to be the end, time to say "Goodbye" to these characters, but I couldn't help feeling like the story was left in a way that could provide for a spinoff if Sophie Jordan decided to go that route in the future. (I'd read that in a heartbeat! Just sayin')

Thank you Sophie Jordan for giving us a fantastic series full of imagination, creativity and characters who were easy to fall in love with and so very hard to let go of! :D

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