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Action packed, hilarious, and brimming with fantastic characters
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In the peaceful, seaside town of Haggard twelve year old Stephanie Edgley has just inherited a fortune and mansion from her bestselling author of an uncle - Gordon. Which, if I were in her shoes, would have me jumping for joy but Stephanie couldn’t help thinking what was she going to do with a mansion when she still lived with her parents. This thought is pushed out of her mind, however, when after spending an unexpected night alone in the mansion Stephanie learns that her uncle’s books about wizards, monsters, and magic were not entirely fictional. And that a mysterious stranger who had attended her uncle’s funeral and Will reading, covered every inch in clothing, is an actual walking, talking, fire throwing, skeleton who goes by the name of Skulduggery Pleasant. That’s not the most shocking thing to happen to Stephanie though. On the same night Stephanie discovers her favourite uncle’s secret she is attacked by a sorcerer searching for a key Gordon owned that could lead to the end of the world. And it’s up to Skulduggery Pleasant and, to his annoyance, Stephanie (because she refuses to be left behind) to find it before it is too late.

This book was such a treat that I think it’s a travesty that I just learned about it this year when it was first published in 2007. FIVE years and I have never heard of this book or series. Where the hell have I been?! No worries though, all that matters now is that I have now read it and can now join another fandom because this series certainly does have a following and I will tell you why.

It’s funny, if there is one thing that I have said time and time again is that if a book or movie can make me laugh then it’s already scoring points and this novel and series make me laugh and it does it with dark humour and wit. I rarely finish a chapter without giggling to myself or laughing out loud because the dialogue and writing is always ever so clever.

There is action and danger everywhere. Well maybe not in Haggard where Stephanie was slowly decaying of boredom but where Skulduggery goes trouble is sure to follow. These two get into some very tight situations, situations that involve lots of fighting and magic and running, and situations that keep the pace quick and prevent any dull moments from invading this novel.

A variety of quirky, strange, dangerous, and charming characters. Although Stephanie is the main character of this novel the story is told from multiple points of view, even the villain’s. Characters that are all so distinctive and interesting and offer such fresh perspectives to the plot, that it’s not only a great way to keep the story moving but it offers insight on the world of the book that we wouldn’t get as quickly from Stephanie alone because she is as new to all of this as we are. These characters are also complex, Skulduggery maybe charming and clever on the surface but he has secrets and a past that he doesn’t discuss and for someone with no facial expressions he can certainly change the mood of room with the subtlest indication. Stephanie is also a pistol and a life a danger and adventure seems to be made for her because in scenes where I would be too dumbstruck to act, she not only reacts but she takes charge. Keep an eye out for this twelve year old because she has a lot more metal then some people twice her age.

Skulduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy is one of my favourite books of 2012, actually no let me correct that Skuldugery Pleasant is one of my favourite series of 2012 because after I finished the first book (recommended by Catherine of On the Nightstand and provided to me by my lovely friend Andrea of Aine’s Realm) I immediately went online and ordered the UK edition of the books (because they're gorgeous) and read them all as soon as they arrived and then proceeded to lend them to my friend Reeshe of WildFire Writing (who read all six books in 1 week because they are that good).
Good Points
Hilarious, you will be laughing from beginning to end by the dark humour and wit.
When you are not laughing then you will be completely caught up in the action-packed and dangerous, fast pace scenes.
This story is bursting with a whole host of unique and interesting characters that will be hard not to love.
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