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I Haven't Cried So Much Since The Fault in Our Stars
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I was wary going into this one. It sounded too issue-y. But I'd heard nothing but rave reviews about it from trusted sources and the romance was supposed to be epic, so I went for it.

And oh this book. It hit my Right. In. The. Feels. I read this on my Kindle and pretty much cried through the last quarter of it.

Echo. Oh Echo. Her story made my heart hurt, that poor girl. She'd been through so much and suffered so much and I just wanted to hug her and then help her draw again. And then Noah. Freaking Noah. He wants you to hate him but you can't because he is secretly the sweetest, bestest boy on earth. I love Noah Hutchins so, so much. He is probably one of my new favorite YA boys.

And this story? Jesus. I kept thinking the romance was going to be the best part of the book, the part that pulled me through. But there was no "best part." There was Awesome Part A, Awesome Part B, and Awesome Part C. Echo's story, Noah's story, Echo and Noah's story. Both of the characters had really intense, horrible stories that no teenager should have to deal with. I was utterly hooked on both stories and was just so hungry for more, for their happiness. And then their romance was like the shining beacon, the happiness they couldn't find elsewhere. And it was cute and adorable and intense and passionate and dhjdhsklgndjsnsg STOP I CANNOT.

The writing was told from alternating first POV between Noah and Echo. Katie McGarry really knew what she was doing by going back and forth. Both perspectives were crucial, obviously, and both characters had their own distinct voice and life and personality.

Guys, I don't think I can gush about this book enough. It is now one of my favorite books ever and you will seriously regret it if you don't pick it up. It's like no other contemporary I've read and oh how I adore it. Please, please, PLEASE pick up this book.
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