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Pop star's kids try out the spying life
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I would like to say that this book was amazing, but the characters didn't connect with me, not that it was bad, and the plot just didn't grab and pull me in. My friends were all in love with this book, but I do not really see the reason behind the frenzy over this book.

I think that the idea of a pop stars' children being the new spy kids was really out there, as they could not sneak around without the fear of being reconigzed, was what turned me onto the dark side. It is highly impossible to be in a massive conspiracy if you were a famous couple's children, your face would be on newspapers all over the world, so you could not go anywhere without being swarmed by paparazzi.

In some parts, this book was slightly confusing, specially that part with Ziv, Dirk, Eben and the Leopard/Angel. That needed to go slower, with more time to explain, and to correct the timing of each event.

Children who enjoy spy and action books will love this one, if they paid enough attention to understand what was happening and the little secrets that go on between characters that someone might not comprehend.
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