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(Updated: September 20, 2012)
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I found Nevermore in the library about a year and a half ago, but occasionally took it out to read again and again, because it was just so good. If I could describe this in three words, I'd say sweet, dark, and plain creepy. (Well, that wasn't really three words, so scratch that.)

Generally with fiction, when an author writes about a character studying, reading, liking etc. a writer's works, they tend to stick to stuff like Shakespeare, Brontë, and other classics writers who wouldn't write so morbidly, but Kelly Creagh used instead Edgar Allen Poe, whose works I love, and incorporated it into the story-line in a really neat and cool way.

Isobel is a very cute character. Although she's supposed to be a stuck-up cheerleader, she's a genuinely good person (hint: ice cream shop scene), and not without her own baggage. She begins to defy the status quo after meeting Varen and becomes more independent somehow.

On the other hand, Varen is a quiet Goth guy in the back of Isobel's English class. (Oh, why is it always English, science, socials etc. class? Why not . . . PE class? They could save each other from basketballs or something.) Right now, you might think, hey, he's probably some outcast badboy, but nuh-uh, he's not. Varen is very, very real in the sense that he isn't like Daemon from Obsidian or Noah from The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer. (Although I have to give it to them; they're smoking HAWT.) The preppy kids don't whisper behind Varen's back about how they secretly think he's cute despite his social standing. They genuinely despise him and have him completely alienated, for no apparent reason other than he doesn't fit in. But despite his somewhat intimidating image, he's actually a sweet guy who isn't all that freakish.

Lastly, I must applaud Kelly Creagh's deathly terrifying imagination. Edgar Allen Poe's world was written in exquisite detail and seemed absolutely perfect. I can't wait for Enshadowed to be released!
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July 23, 2012
This looks awesome! I love books when opposites attract. And if he is anything like Noah for TUoMD, I'm totally in.
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