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Timeless was certainly different from what I’d expected. To be honest, I was hoping for more magic and ballroom dances, but I was still pleased with the plot, though I thought it was all a bit too predictable.

I was fond of all the characters in this novel; none of them were Mary Sues or Marty Stues, and none of them irritated the heck out of me. (A definite plus.) But I was never especially attracted to any one of them, though I did think Michele’s relationship with Philip was adorable. Though very sad, because how can it be possible for two people from different times to be together?

Time travel is a pretty unique genre. It’s one that could be interpreted several different ways, and usually that means that it’s explained by one of three things: futuristic inventions, paranormal abilities, or just magic. Timeless seemed to fall in the “magic” category, which I’m perfectly fine with, though I was hoping that it could be explained better. Like, for instance, why can that key transport Michele to the past? Perhaps that will be explained further in the sequel, but I was really disappointed when I reached the last page and realized that the workings behind time travel weren’t discussed.

The plot was pretty predictable for me. I discovered secret identities much, much earlier than they were revealed (I had a sudden revelation in the middle of the book that made me gasp in awe of my fantastic clue-detecting skills). Though I do admit that I was taken aback by that ending. That cliffhanger of an ending was pretty shocking.

Timeless was an easy, fun read. There wasn’t anything especially spectacular about it, but it was a light read that I enjoyed. I’d definitely suggest it for readers who like starcrossed lovers.

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