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THE DESERTER is another ambitious addition to the Bone World Trilogy. As is the case in THE INFERIOR, the world building is meticulous and epic in scope. I can truly say that the author has pushed the envelope to create something new and distinct. Two separate societies, cannibalism, nanotechnology ... it's a huge undertaking, and I commend the author on delivering a unique story world that is both layered and fascinating.

What is less fascinating to me are the characters. Their positions in their respective societies are very interesting, and what they bring to the world building is crucial, but I never quite feel connected to them. Without feeling connected to them, it's hard to care deeply about the outcome. I think this is more a personal preference thing for me than a deficit in the writing style. I like to really be under a character's skin, and to feel their emotions as they feel them. The author's writing style makes me feel as though there's a barrier between me and the characters. I also wanted more description as I found myself often lost as to what the setting looked like.

I think the series definitely deserves a look, though, because it IS ambitious and because what turns me off to a character might be the very thing that another reader loves.
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