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I think that in this final book of the Trylle trilogy, all the characters have grown into something different to what they were in the starting book, Switched.

At the start, Wendy was a lot different to what she has become in Ascend. She has become stronger mentally, and she leads her kingdom with in the right state of mind, one which she did not have in Switched and Torn. She volunteers herself for the hardest of jobs knowing that she is capable of them, risking her life for the lives of the people in her kingdom. She gives the idea to her people to not just defend Forening, but attack the Vittra, she alters the course of the Trylle's history. Wendy has gone out of her comfort for the sake of others, and she did not crack under the pressure that is the fall of so many others. She sees everyone as equals, and that is how a powerful queen rules.

I think that this book captures the sense of paranormal romance pretty well. Instead of just being the one perfect guy for the perfect heroine, or vice versa, she has made Wendy's love life oh so much more difficult. She had added two guys who love her, and whom she loves as well. She also has to deal with her forced marriage, and that just makes Wendy the women you want to lead you into battle. The romance in this book is difficult, and that makes everyone love this amazing book.

This books deals with some problems of monarchy. It shows you the problem that some nobles think of the 'lesser' people, or just your average person. Wendy slowly fixes this problem throughout this book, and gives the readers the picture of equality.

I think that this book was the golden star of the Trylle trilogy. This book outshone the first book, Switched, and even Torn, which was also pretty good. I recommend this book to paranormal romance lovers, and even fantasy set in Earth's modern era.
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