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This is a powerful novel dealing gracefully with very sensitive subjects. It is gritty and tough to read at points because of all of the issues the characters I came to love were dealing with. It is hard stuff, stuff that teens should never have to deal with but they do everyday. Bullying, peer pressure, abuse, and eating disorders. We see how things effect the families and recipients of these tough issues and how painful and lonely it can be.
I think that I've only read about people with eating disorders from inside the mind of the one with the disorder, and as someone who has struggled with anorexia and bulimia in high school, I can relate with this, I know that sort of pain. What is new here is the narrator, Loann is the sister of Claire, the one with the eating disorder. You get a whole new perspective of the pain of not being able to get through to the one dealing with the food and body image perception issues. Loann is the first to notice, and she doesn't really know how to help or what to do, she also doesn't know the extent of the problem.
It is hard to read about how each sister admires and is jealous of the other, they don't see their own beauty and perfections, only their flaws. I think that is so common though. Many have such self esteem issues that they don't know how to find the good in themselves.
I also love the character of Marcus. He is such a perfect and frustrating nerd/love interest/friend. But it is so genuine. He has so much to hide but also so much to offer. I love his interactions with Loann, their sarcasm and dry humor towards one another, and how they slowly build their friendship one piece at a time. I know he's shy and like I said, has things to hide, but it is frustratingly cute how slow he is to admit his feelings and act on them. I love his sweet gestures like the photo developing supplies, and the cutout picture too.
Never Enough was well paced and kept my attention the whole time, even when I felt like I needed a box of tissues beside me. Loann is a fighter and I admire her, and I hate that Claire had to go down such a hard and sad road, she really broke my heart. The love in here is true to life and I appreciated the different take on it.
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